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I remember being fascinated about travel stories already from early childhood. Getting a seashell from the Mediterranean Sea was something exotic for me, living in Northern Europe. Listening to a seaman who had been sailing amongst whales made me hungry to see and explore. From the age of 13 I have been using my money and vacations for travelling, it is my dear hobby to collect experiences rather than things.


I had never even thought, that travelling with kids would be difficult. For me (us) travelling it is a life-style that we decided to continue with even after having kids. Some things naturally changed, we no longer travel to Arctic or jungles, leaving that for later or going there without kids.


My oldest one is 6 years old and youngest one 3 years old. Travelling in a car is the worst thing they both know. The whining starts the minute the engine is started. Anyhow, we have managed to have some good roadtrips and even without iPads (Only recently bought!)


Buses, metros, trams, ferries and trains are exciting ways to travel for these two and they enjoy. Both have been in an aeroplane more than 250 000 airmiles, we had lovely Flight Logbooks for them, copied more pages to both books until giving up. Air travel is easy with these two girls, they know what is allowed to do and even more, what are they not allowed to. TV screens are naturally the life saviours in many occasions on longer flights.

Sometimes I get a question, why do I want to travel with kids. My question back is; ”Why not?” We are a family who has aunties, uncles, grandparents and cousins living abroad from us so if we want to see anyone, we need to travel. This was the set up from the very beginning and as we relocated to Middle East five years ago, the distance became even longer and at the same time we got many travel destinations closer to us.

Very often I travel alone with kids, either to see my friends or just to explore a new destination. Some of those travels have been easy, travelling with a baby has always been easy for me, but travelling with a kid and a toddler can sometimes be hectic. Getting the comments from fellow passengers ”I am impressed, you do this alone with two kids”, makes me smile, as when my husband travels alone with the kids, he gets even more attention.

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